Car Pro Perl… Interior Dressing/Sealant… WTF

So I purchased Perl with the idea of using as interior/ exterior dressing /sealant. So far exterior results have been good. I have used twice now on interior getting the same patchy results. Areas were firstly clean with super degreaser and wiped dry… then Perl applied with foam applicator and wiped off with MF cloth… Initial results looked good but once product dried the finish is patchy and messy. Never experience this with 303 protectorant. I’m a little mystified really.

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  1. I’ve used it for years and it’s always been excellent – I think cleaning with apc to help bonding and having a new interior is key – it prob won’t bond well with worn out vinyl which would be imperfect surface

  2. Late comment –
    From when it's new plasticisers in the interior vinyl leaches out giving everything a sticky finish. The surface will change its condition depending on thickness and it's exposure to the sun, the elements and greasy hands etc. Getting it all clean and even to accept a product like Perl, or any of them, is difficult. CarPro say 1:5 for Perl on interiors but it works well at higher dilutions. Less than 1:5 not recommended. Prep is everything and this is a product where you can't skimp that. A standard APC is not really enough, so use something a bit more dedicated. Finish off with IPA. Try not to let the surfaces get too dry during the clean. Get out of the sun!
    You can ask CarPro for advice, linking this video in your question. I'm sure they will answer.

  3. Hi, I've been having the same problem. I also tried all prescribed dilutions (5:1 interior, 3:1 exterior, 1:1 engine, etc.) but couldn't get it right as it always leaves patches once it dries. Any update or recommendation?

  4. Had similar effect on exterior rubber trim in brand new car – my guess there is something from factory that I was not able, also not willing to totally remove. Worked the magic on older car restoring all the trim pieces to mint. Have used this as interior sealant in new car and looked great. For interior I prefer microfibre applicator + long har towel to remove/level – ~450gsm.
    This stuff does well on tires. Sits for weeks and blackening effect + beading stays for months.

  5. Did you washed and applied a degreaser and thoroughly dried before applying Perl? Did you shake the diluted solution before applying?
    Looks more like user mistake than product mistake. It's been working amazing for me in the shop ever since it came out for sale, I usually do a 1:4. and still lasts longer than other expensive stuff. I would say Perl and Dr Beasley's matte conditioner are the best in class if you know how to use them. Cheers and good luck next time…

  6. iv used it succesfuly on old mondeo interior and came up great. It sits on tires like crazy (old and new ones). Iv get this patchy effect on brand new ford focus exterior rubber trims like window seals but probably i just need to reapply it. Maybe there was some bits of old dressing on your dash. Mondeo got good wipe with koch greenstar + ajax before it was applied. On focus I havn't used agressive chemicals before applying dressing so probably there was something from the factory causing differences in how the product could soak in.

  7. I gues leave carpro perl to tyres where it works well. Meguiars hyper dressing is great on interior and kinda suck as a tyre dressing.

  8. I got this I'm in Uk its not that good I've used it on exterior and made sure removed excess. Typical weather here it rains and leaves run marks, also on tyres to glossy horrible. Lokking for other product

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