C++ Weekly – Live Stream 3 – Porting Doom to C++

I’ll be marathon live streaming getting Doom (specifically Crispy Doom) compiling with a C++ Compiler. We’ll start with the latest official release of Crispy Doom. You can follow my fork at https://github.com/lefticus/crispy-doom . We’ll see the differences between C and C++ and make notes about things to improve from a C++ perspective along the way.

I’m not stopping until I get it compiling!

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32 thoughts on “C++ Weekly – Live Stream 3 – Porting Doom to C++

  1. This was amazing. I watched the entire thing at 2x, except for the intermissions. Thanks for helping everyone learn modern C++, Jason. Never got a chance to play with things as common as auto and decltype in computer engineering school.

  2. can't you just ctrl + click to go to definition. right clicking going to a sub-menu and then to definition is bothering me so much lol

  3. okay this question has no link xd, i loved your terminal looking i found in fedora software that is kitty (based on the pictures of the emulator of kitty they showed the same theme you are using) i wish if you could do a video about your terminal theme if possible (im doing this cuz feroda termina is just green on black xd)

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