C++ Programming Tutorial 33 – If Statement Practice

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10 thoughts on “C++ Programming Tutorial 33 – If Statement Practice

  1. Please help me with this
    Write an if statement that assigns the number 10 to the bonus variable if the user enters a sales amount that is less than or equal to $250. If the user enters a sales amount that is greater than $250, prompt the user to enter the bonus rate, and then multiply the user’s response by the sales amount and assign the result to the bonus variable.

  2. Can help me answer my activity?😔 please😔 for your next video please "make a program that prompts the user to input an int variable named num. The program should then output the variable num and a message saying wether the number is positive, negative, or zero".

    Please help me😔 I'm a 1st year college Information Communication Technology😔 it is our activity😔 I dont know what to do because I don't have loptop to try. Please help make a video for my activity😔

  3. Thanks caleb i have been making my if statements a little messy. The way you did it makes it easier to read and more organized. Keep up great work.



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