C++ Pointers – Finally Understand Pointers

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34 thoughts on “C++ Pointers – Finally Understand Pointers

  1. This guy just explained pointers the best I've ever heard it explained………..

    and I'm still confused. lol Whoever was the architect of doing it this way in the beginning needs to be tarred and feathered.

  2. Is it possible or allowed to define an integer pointer as int* y = &x as opposed to int *y = &x? I know c++ ignores spaces in most situations, but does asterisk placement make a difference in that statement?

  3. Caleb, you figure out what might be difficult to understand and you explain it very clearly. You are a great teacher, keep up the good work! Thank you very much πŸ™‚

  4. I don't want to say other lessons bad, it's the best of 5 which I saw about pointers in recommends, and… really understand what it is and how to use it after watching. But, why is here low number of likes, not even 500. Everyone, put likes, this lesson deserves it!

  5. You should seriously be a professor or something. You literally made this so much easier for me to understand and you're the only YouTuber I can find that teaches before coding which is why I only watch your videos lol

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