C++ FUNCTIONS (2020) – What are generic functions and templates? PROGRAMMING TUTORIAL

Generic programming is used to increase the efficiency of the code. The advantage of writing generic code is code reusability (which means that code that was written once can be used multiple times) and avoiding function overloading.
In this video I’m explaining generic functions and templates.

Mentioned videos:
How to swap values of two variables – https://youtu.be/8HKCwFirpvQ
Pass parameters by a reference – https://youtu.be/Q4qfmuV5yF8
Function overloading – https://youtu.be/5OUttXvf6hw
C++ Object-Oriented Programming Course – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL43pGnjiVwgTJg7uz8KUGdXRdGKE0W_jN

We’ll be writing C++ code using Visual Studio 2019 Comunity.
Link for download: https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/vs/

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32 thoughts on “C++ FUNCTIONS (2020) – What are generic functions and templates? PROGRAMMING TUTORIAL

  1. I started learning C/C++ 3 years ago based on several other tutorials and i can say your tutorials are so much better that i can not help watching them all even though i already know most things you explain…which is pretty amazing i think!
    Speaking about functions, maybe you could also insert a video about callback functions in this playlist.

  2. I got through all of your six videos on Functions tonight – thanks very much posting them! And I learnt something which I'd never covered before, viz. generics and templates – again, thank you!

  3. I am a first year student at ITE university and i have just found your tutorial for c++ programming 😮it's amaizing and the best i swear💘 we are so lucky to have you miss 🥺🥺
    Keep going😍❤️❤️

  4. Thank you so much for your work. I understand perfectly what you said in yours videos. I like your style as you explain the different parts from IT. I am glat to hear your , see you and learnt from you. So move on , smile, have a beautiful day and thank you again. ^-^

  5. i dont know if you can help me but when i try to run a code i get
    $ cd "c:Userskg803CodePrac" && g++ youtube.cpp -o youtube && "c:Userskg803CodePrac"youtube

    bash: cd: c:Userskg803CodePrac" && g++ youtube.cpp -o youtube && c:Userskg803CodePrac"youtube: No such file or directory
    i don't know how to fix this and no one on the internet really helps a noob like me

  6. Thanks for the content and your time. You think we get the point to see topics about Threads/Process/Concurrent programming in C++ ? Thanks one more time 🙏🏾

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