Building our 10 Gigabit 192TB Storage Server! FINALLY!!

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Building our 10 Gigabit 192TB Storage Server! FINALLY!!


45 thoughts on “Building our 10 Gigabit 192TB Storage Server! FINALLY!!

  1. I know this is 3 year old video. With that being said, how loud is the disk shelf. I am very space limited, My server rack is next to my desk so everything in has to be super quiet.

  2. Why ur even making Videos in 4k? Majority of the people dont have 4k Displays. I only got 1080p for example.
    (ye my TV got 4k but im mostly not watching on my TV XD)

  3. transfer speeds uses cpu cycles Kyle – so you can make that more seedy by upgrading your cpu or cpus to the max in that board, by buying used ones – if you have not made your speeds steady by now – that was the first thing I did & get 800 mbs with my 10 gig now it gets over to the max of the limitations of the router

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