[Brand New Way] Fastest WordPress Hosting For Less Than Shared Hosting – Admin Area Will Fly!

Want the fastest WordPress hosting but don’t want to pay a fortune? In this WordPress hosting tutorial, I am going to share with you the service that I use for my most demanding websites.

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My Cloudways Setup https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSbhhpYaSiw

How to migrate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7gWoUXNKUc

Table Of Contents
00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:11 Why Expensive Hosting Is Worth It
00:04:03 Different Options For Different People
00:06:06 My Experience
00:06:39 How To Setup
00:11:17 Server Performance Settings
00:12:53 How To Scale Up
00:13:45 App Settings
00:14:57 What to Do Next

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34 thoughts on “[Brand New Way] Fastest WordPress Hosting For Less Than Shared Hosting – Admin Area Will Fly!

  1. Hello bro I hope u are doing well, can I build a rental website using WordPress on the 13 usd/m high frequency plan (can I run the website without any problems or should i rent the 26usd/ m plan or higher in order to run the website ).
    I need some advice before I mistakenly invest my money and thx for this useful tutorial

  2. I paused the video just to make SURE I liked the video. I was looking for a new reseller hosting (coming from Hostgator, then Siteground, then A2, currently on a local hosting) but didn't quite know what to make of Cloudways… This was a life saver, and the mini tutorial on how to set it up with Cloudways was the cherry on top! THANK YOU SO MUCH ADAM!

  3. Does anybody in the comments have this Vultr hosting work with the LearnDash platform? Did any of you notice any speed improvements when loading training? Did caching help or inhibit user training completion (the Mark Complete button)? Please let me know, everybody

  4. I've seen you talk about problems with Varnish on multiple videos but I've yet to see you explain what its purpose is. What exactly does Varnish do and why would I consider having it enabled?

  5. Can I put more than 1 wp site on one vultr plan on cloudways ? I means 1 gb is enough for me to host 4-5 sites because of less data. So can I put them all on single account or do I have to buy multiple ?

  6. Thanks for the video,
    But why go with Vultr trough Cloudways and not from vultr directly? The price is lower at Vultr site than they are in Cloudways?
    I saw at Vultr that they also have an option to "one click install" of wordpress and other apps,
    Thank you very much

  7. HI, adam,
    would like to try cloudways and it's Vultr, in the tutorial video you said you will add the link of your cloudways set up, but I can't find it, btw Thanks for this amazing tutorial

  8. Wow this is great! Looking forward on how you setup emails with cloudways and how you manage dns and domain stuffs :). I have been using SMTP as AmazonSES seems no more.purchased with your coupon.

  9. Great video as always Adam.

    Quick question. At one point you recommended Hostinger on BunnyCDN which includes LightSpeed which is super fast caching at the server level. Have you compared this Cloudways VultrHF option to the Hostinger option you recently recommended and if so what were the results?

  10. UPDATE: Holy Freaking Cow….I loaded my slowest site like you suggested, GTMet has it at 10.5 second upload, after uploading it to Vultr it's loading less than 1 second, OMG, OMG, OMG…..

  11. Hey Adam, you answered my prayers, actually I sent you an email a few weeks ago asking you for a better solution and YOU'VE done it, THANK YOU. Anyway, I signed up and am testing it and you indicated towards the end of this video that you were going to have a video the following day with your settings and setup for Cloudways, I've gone coo coo trying to find it and haven't, can you please point me in the right direction. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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