Board Game Framework – CSE219 Java Project

This object-oriented programming project is a framework for two-player 8×8 board games. Included games are chess, checkers, and othello. Gameplay is network based (server-client model) and players are matched on the game they wish to play. This was the term-long project for CSE219, Computer Programming III, under Professor Richard McKenna of Stony Brook University.
Documentation and source code available at:

21 thoughts on “Board Game Framework – CSE219 Java Project

  1. Hello Arnav,
    It was a great work. Is it possible for you to answer a programming question about java? I am unable to find the solution. Can I have your mail address so that I can send you the question.
    Thank you very much.

  2. Hi Arnav. It is AMAZING !
    I'm in Learning Java And I want to Studying it.
    Please . Give me this Project's
    My Emai is mehran.rasulian [AT] gmail DOT com
    thank you Very much.

  3. Hi, Arnav, your work is impressive! Amazing!
    I wonder if you could give it to me for studying it.
    I'm just learning: you can see my learning experiments on:
    If you authorize me, I'll post your code and I'll refactor all the code to make it readable for the italian people, so that many others here in Italy may learn Java.
    My email is usailuigi at gmail dot com
    Thank you anyway: amazing job! 🙂

  4. I need help making the checker part human vs. computer and i need the AI (or the computer intelligence) to be Alpha-beta algorithm, Learning style algorithm, and hybrid algorithm. Can any one help?

  5. Ok i'm currently trying to implement Checkers in c++ with allegro. Check out my channel if you want to see my progress. I have most of it done but i'm having a bit of difficulty implementing capture do you have any pointers?

  6. @nevergoingdown55555 Thanks for your interest in this project. I'll have the source code and documentation online in about a week and I'll let you know when.

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