33 thoughts on “Bjarne Stroustrup: C++ | Lex Fridman Podcast #48

  1. Last week I had a phone screen with a robotics company, I was grilled on C++ templates , when do they get instantiated , how and why in headers etc. Wow templates are such a beast if you use it for Metaprogramming ! I used C++ in 1998 and then 20 years of Java/Python and now C++ is so much better I started loving it at second sight.

  2. We are looking at The Godfather of the Internet if you will. I don’t understand how jeff Bezos can be the richest in a world run by computers when this man created the language they speak

  3. Bitcoin is use by criminal… This is where you realize that the creator of C++ isn't as smart as I thought… When Hal Finney created Bitcoin and probably the most amazing coding that the world has ever see integrating sha256 and of course the first useable blockchain and revolution for ever how we use money. For someone to say that he hates bitcoin cos it's use by criminal is probably one of the most disappointing comment I ever seen. O yeah BTC isn't a sustainable platform more than agreed but what the cypher punk has created with this code is way way superior than Bjarne would ever be able understand really… Now we see a new world of Decentralize world bring by ETH or Cardano what those people are doing with codes should make you proud cos you didn't even know that this would ever be possible! now we see system that use less electricity with proof of stakes and getting more and more sustainable… I don't think Hal realize how big BTC would go that big…
    You know who are the real criminal JP morgan that use your code every day to make the world even worst. Know you basic.

  4. so this guy build a programming prison for other programmers and philosophy is an important part of his design. All other programmers are now living inside the world he created, great…

  5. Very pleased to learn that Stroustrup pronounces "char" with a "ch" as in "chai" not "care". 🙂 Stroustrup works at Morgan Stanley these days, a heavy C++ customer. He met with our team when I worked there but sadly, I was out sick that day.

  6. Programming sucks anyway and still it's one of the worst profession on the planet. Coding = Mental physical health destroyed + not as much profitable as much simpler professions.

  7. You should organize a playlist with all the programming language creators. It was brilliant to interview many of them, it’s going to be a reference for many years from now. You’re the bomb

  8. I don't understand one thing: why Bjarne Stroustrup claims things like reliability and security when you have so many creative ways to shoot yourself in the foot in C++, when you don't use additional tools?

  9. IMHO, the use of the word "CLASS" in the OOP world is largely confusing to new programmers because it had so many other (pre-existing) meanings that have little to do with what it means for data processing, Similarly the word "Object" was, IMHO extremely badly chosen. Thee are simply far too many bizarre terms in the OOP world that are either poorly understood or confusing to new programmers such that many give up or never really understand what they are doing. There were plenty of simple ways to reduce errors, prevent repetition and deploy modular programming techniques – even in Assembler languages – prior to the OOP "parademic". OOP created its own problems which it then had to resolve such as "overloading", dynamic despatch, polymorphism etc, all of which could be (and were being) handled without creating a "problem" in the first place.

  10. The observation that functional programming languages are largely irrelevant to performance-sensitive applications is true in the near term. But perhaps not in the far term. It seems desirable to eventually have a language that can translate to gate logic (like Verilog) to maximize performance, but that can express higher-level concepts. Such a language may look more functional than imperative.

  11. Lex, thank you greatly for interviewing Bjarne Stroustrup! He has been a personal hero of mine for the last twenty years or more. He is not only a supreme engineer but also an adroit consensus builder. That is a rare combination and his consensus building seems to have played a critical role in forging the success of C++. I highly recommend his "The Design and Evolution of C++" to anyone interested in computing history, language design, or even politics. To me, Stroustrup's approach seems to be 1) understand the "customer's" problem and needs 2) assess the shortcomings of existing tools and prior art 3) design simple, pragmatic, correct solutions to fill the gaps and 3) deliver and communicate those solutions with humility. That is an admirable process I aspire to emulate.

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