Best WooCommerce Hosting for 2020 🚀

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No matter how great the products of your online store are, and how amazing your website design is, without a decent WooCommerce hosting, you’re at risk of ruining your potential customers’ experience. Having the perfect WooCommerce hosting is vital for increased traffic inflow to your eCommerce website, higher conversion rates and more revenue as a result. This is why we at 10Web have decided to help you choose the best WooCommerce hosting platform for your WordPress eCommerce website.

Here’s how the discussion goes:

✅Overview of WooCommerce stores and hosting
✅Discussion about WooCommerce store needs:
03:18➡️user experience
04:15➡️24/7 support
✅Comparison of the best WooCommerce hosting platforms:
05:06 ➡️10Web
08:36 ➡️WP Engine
10:11 ➡️SiteGround

We compare the hosting platforms based on a number of components that are vital for your WooCommerce store’s great performance.

We start with speed which is basically one of the most important components that a hosting platform should have. Slow speed of your website can have a bad affect on things like conversions, rankings, etc.

We talk about migrations, since it is absolutely necessary for your WooCommerce Hosting platform to make your migration process fast and easy.

Then comes uptime. Many hosting platforms claim to provide 99.99% uptime to all websites. However, this may not exactly be true. You’ll find out all about it in our video.

It’s best if your WooCommerce hosting platform provides you with website builder/templates, so that you can easily build and edit the design of your website.

Then we speak about security and backups which make your WooCommerce hosting reliable.

The next component that we discuss is customer support. No matter how perfect a system is, sometimes you just have to sort out an issue with a real person and fix it fast!

And last but not least, we talk about pricing, because you need your WooCommerce site’s maintenance and management not to cost you a fortune.

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