Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2021

Find out the best web hosting for your WordPress site! Learn the pros and cons of every web hosting company in this video!

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Click below to join the Waitlist For My Free Amazon FBA Course

1. Siteground (0:31)
2. Bluehost (1:42)
3. GO Daddy (2:40)
4. A2 Hosting (3:07)
5. Host Gator (3:50)
6. WP Engine (4:21)
7. Inmotion (4:50)
8. Hostinger (5:02)
9. Dreamhost (6:15)
10. The Winner (6:28)

How to setup up your WordPress Website in 4 Minutes:








Tools I recommend:
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Helium 10:
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44 thoughts on “Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2021

  1. good information, but you don't need to tell me so much other information like what companies are upcoming in the video, just tell me about the current one

  2. Hey Travis – I really appreciate experiencing your knowledge and learning from you. However i am so confused and now even more undecided. With that being said Can i add one more review or advice request to your list? NameHero? What do you think about them ? thumbs up thumbs down ? Unless you have something more to add

  3. Appreciate the video, i notice you have a large amount of Amazon content yet no review of Lightsail, would you consider Lightsail a viable WordPress hosting option, thx,

  4. Hi Travis, if i use hostinger premium shared hosting plan and have two domains for wordpress blogging websites, will the 512 mb ram allotted for the plan is enough to run them smoothly for ads and affiliate for both websites?

  5. Do you have similar video for domain hosting, really do not like godaddy raising prices for my domain. Show me discount price and when I go pay that special prices disappear. 🙄

  6. I am currently with GoDaddy both my domain and host. Yes, you are right, they charge to much specially for my site which is just my portfolio in photography. Now, I have 2 days to hit my renewal and I am badly need to find a cheaper host and domain. I am using weebly for my website, is Siteground still your recommendations for non-wordpress site? I would appreciate if you can reply this quires before I'm running out of choice.

  7. Fuck Go Daddy. They high jacked several of my sites and tried to resell them to me for $45,000 !!!! My site, my name, my handle, my brains. They will still your rights !

  8. what host service would you recommend for a everyday lifestyle blog witth WordPress? i need one click install
    and easy to use as and no coding etc since i am a beginner

  9. I have a few questions:
    1. why do we need a website? Is it for brand registry?
    2. What if I sell random private label products on amazon fba? How do I present my brand identity on my website?

  10. In my opinion, Uptime and load time are two of the most important factors while choosing a web host, followed by pricing and customer support. We won’t be changing our hosting provider every now and then. Of all the top 7 Web Hosting service providers, for a personal website, I found Bluehost as the best hosting provider. Speed, uptime, customer support; nothing could beat Bluehost, You get a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee + Free Domain & SSL Cert. Hostinger comes a close second. SiteGround could be a great option if it can improve its customer service.

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