Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2021 🔥90 DAY BEST WORDPRESS HOSTING🔥

Get The Best Web Hosting For WordPress With This Best WordPress Hosting Test! I FULLY Test Every Web Hosting Company SPEED and DOWNTIME For 90 Days. These Were My Results!

0:00 Intro
00:02:25 – Web Hosting Companies To Avoid
00:04:43 – Average Web Hosting Companies
00:07:59 – Fast Web Hosting Companies

Here Are The Companies That Performed The BEST

1.Hostinger: (link+code darrel gives you 10% off ANY plan)
2.Namehero: (this link gives you 70% off)
3.Liquidweb: (code darrel35 gives you 35% OFF)
4. Wp-Engine: (link gives you 25% OFF ALL Plans)
5. KnownHost:
 (For KnownHost, I have a few selected discounts: DARREL – Provides 10% off: Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Managed & Dedicated ServersDARREL4030 – Provides 40% off the Initial purchase, and 30% discount for life.DARREL60 – Provides 60% any WordPress hosting package)
7.WPX Hosting:

These next companies performed on AVERAGE, if you want to try them out go for it! (they are still good)
1. GreenGeeks:
2. FastComet:
3. Chemicloud:
4. GetFlywheel:

UPDATE :Web hosts that i tested that werent included in the video (I will be creating a blog post with screeenshots for all of the host)

DreamHost (BELOW AVERAGE ) 4.56 Page Speed and 56 minutes of Downtime
InterServer (AVERAGE) 2.90 Page Speed and 45 Minutes Of Downtime

In this video, i fully test ALL web hosting providers to bring you the best web hosting for your wordpress website! Hopefully by now you have enough information on what you need for switching to some of the best web hosting companies. Again i wish you the best and good luck with your new web hosting company! If you are using the hosts that suck, make sure to switch. cheap and best web hosting best web hosting for wordpress. This is the best web hosting video for the best web hosting for wordpress

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35 thoughts on “Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2021 🔥90 DAY BEST WORDPRESS HOSTING🔥

  1. Hey party people! After a few months, I have narrowed some of the best web hosting down for you. I worked really hard on this vid, and did alot of dealing to bring you all some real good discounts. Let me know in the comments what your experience is with these web hosting companies. This vid took me 3 months to make! Make sure to SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON and lets get to 500 LIKES! UPDATE: I will be adding interserver and dreamhost to the results, they will be in the description soon

  2. Thanks Mr D 👍 after using CF for the past year I've decided to go all in with WordPress I'd used Siteground before now but wow no more unlimited plan 😢so this was helpful it's either name hero or hostigator as per your recommendation I'll use your link. Does it matter where you are based I'm in the UK 🇬🇧🤔 your channel is super super helpful appreciate you 🙏❤💜😊

  3. Quick Summary:
    Host: Load Time / Downtime / Response
    10) Kinsta: 1.27s / 5min / 714ms
    09) Cloudways: 1.37s / 7min / 769ms
    08) a2Hosting: 2.18s / 1hour / 2400ms
    07) WPXHosting: 643ms / 3hour / 656ms
    06) Siteground: 2.24s / 30min / 2000ms
    05) WPEngine: 642ms / 6min / 577ms
    04) KnownHost: 1.13s / 0 / 1007ms
    03) Nexcess: 963ms / 1min / 561ms
    02) NameHero: 1.98s / 14min / 1.6s
    01) Hostinger: 1.15s / 1min /

  4. Geat video Darryl! I have to mention though…I'm in the process of switching from 'useless' Bluehost to Hostinger and ran into some issues with the migration. I have to say that so far their service sucks badly. Click on chat and it says they'll get back within an hour which is complete BS. I have literally been waiting over 4 hours and still have no response.

  5. Hi Darrel, I would like to thank you for your great video and I wish all the best for you……. I would like to tell you I used your name (Darrell for Coupon) and (Like, subscribe, Alarm) as well I did for you……. Please always be honest with your audience because we have trust in you…….. WE NEED MORE USEFUL VIODE. Thanks again

  6. Hi Darrel I take it you don't recommend TMD Cloud Hosting? We were looking at namehero but they don't have servers in Australia as we are in New Zealand. Would this be a big issue with Namehero if we still went there?

  7. I tried Hostinger for 30 days. They have amazing support. they respond between 5 to10 mins 90% of the time. And occasionally it could take them 15 mins to respond. Which is pretty damn good support wise. One thing I found troubling with them that led me not to sign up with them was in their Terms and conditions, Hostinger mentions that they have a right to claim part or all of "user content" without paying any fees or acknowledgement to their user. I found it very disturbing and contacted support. Their 1st response came in typical 5 to 10 mins stating that "User content Licence" to Hostinger enables Hostinger to provide user experience and services. This didn't sound right. I wrote back to them "does that mean Hostinger has a right to my user content because it is hosted with them" and again I got a response stating their legal team is looking into it. Since then there was no response for 24 hrs. So I followed up. And this is the 6th day and still no response.
    Guys, whoever wants to host their website with any of the hosting company, please ensure they do not have the policy to claim your content without giving you any notice, acknowledgement or fees. Imagine putting your blood, sweat and tears into building a website and for whatever reason, your website content can be claimed is not a good thing. If someone is offering you a load of hosting features at a very low price, make sure you guys really look into it.
    I do not know if Darrel is aware of this aspect. Would really like to know your views on this Darrel! Thanks

  8. Hi Darrel, Really enjoyed this video. Thank you! Question – I am preparing to switch my web hosting to Hostinger. The primary reason is the complete lack of knowledgeable tech support at my current host. I know you rate an A+ to Hostinger for speed and downtime but what is your opinion on their customer service? Thanks again! Mike

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