Best Dedicated Server Hosting 2020 (And How To Choose One)

Ready to upgrade to dedicated web hosting and not sure what you are looking for or how to pick? In this video, ill cover exactly what to look for in a dedicated server and show you how to pick one. Finding the best dedicated sever can be tough so ill narrow it down as much as possible

List Of Dedicated Hosting Companies:

-these are recommended by order-


What To Look For With Dedicated Servers

-Minimum 4 Core CPU: 3.0GHZ Or Better
(8 Core Or Anything Above Is Good!)

-8Gig DDR4 Ram Minimum
(16 Gig or Better Preferred )

-300+ Gig SSD Space Or Better (HDD Is Slower)
(Ask Your Current Host How Much Space You Are Using To Get An Idea Of What You Would Need)

-5 TB Bandwidth Or Better
(This Is Standard For High Traffic)

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43 thoughts on “Best Dedicated Server Hosting 2020 (And How To Choose One)

  1. What To Look For With Dedicated Servers

    -Minimum 4 Core CPU: 3.0GHZ Or Better
    (8 Core Or Anything Above Is Good!)

    -8Gig DDR4 Ram Minimum
    (16 Gig or Better Preferred )

    -300+ Gig SSD Space Or Better (HDD Is Slower)
    (Ask Your Current Host How Much Space You Are Using To Get An Idea Of What You Would Need)

    -5 TB Bandwidth Or Better
    (This Is Standard For High Traffic)

    Thanks for watching and good luck!

  2. You saying that lots of those offer are for people that don't know crap and you don't show much more of the knowledge by saying "I don't even know what that means" a lot in this video. sorry but I have to say that your knowledge about servers is nowhere close to what it should be as a person who compares them. Lots of mistakes like taking E3-1270 info and offers says E3-1270v6 that v6 its very important part of this offer but to you because video is probably sponsored its not relevant as you getting paid to show how good the other offer is.

  3. Shared hosting will degrade performance when other websites take up resources. Because they SHARE resources. This does NOT happen on cloud servers. They are virtually locked away from other virtual servers on the same dedicated machines. They will not slow down because of neighbours.

    Also virtual servers get full access to all the stats and metrics dedicated servers get.

    You really should know your stuff, or at least do your homework before broadcasting videos online.

  4. Definition of from:

    1. indicating the point in space at which a journey, motion, or action starts.
    2. indicating the point in time at which a particular process, event, or activity starts.

    Should say "starts at" I stead of "from"

    Don't know if it goes UP from their starting point or DOWN as you use it.

  5. Soo bad deals…
    6he example:
    i7 3930K from 2011, costs when bought instead of rented maybe 50$?
    But here 90$ per month, wtf….
    64 GiB DDR4 RAM costs between 150 and 300$, 1TB SSD 100$…
    You get forced to pay $ 144 / month, do you see the bad deal?

    Hosting for dummy hosting companies in regards to dedicated servers is all about energy costs, bandwidth costs and one time Hardware buy costs, as well as building rent and so on….
    Most importantly bandwidth, so they need to buy a few TB/s unmetered from any ISPs, and bring e.g. 1 GB/s to each network card, guaranteed 1GB/s 99.8% uptime to their customers, rest is just hardware costs, they should take the buy costs for it and write off to somewhere around 2 years, so basically the monthly price for the customers should be around 1/24 of hardware costs + their calculated bandwidth costs, 1 GB/s e.g. additionally $ 50, and so on you should get the point, it is way too expensive, these are usury dishes.

    (just some example, in real world there are other operation costs too, but it's extremely too expensive like I said for what they offer, it's a scam…)
    (sorry for my bad English i am obviously not a native English speaker, and no front to anyone, I just dislike most hosting providers)

    You are fully right with saying unmetered bandwidth justs screws the customers, it's a scam without presenting real data like said above, sync 1 GB/s , 2, 4, 0.1 or whatever, data is needed there.
    Same to processors, we need to know which model and so on….

    Btw. the one before hostwinds with the 32 core AMD Epyc, this is suspecious because they sell 8 cores of the 32 core, this is a scam shared hoster instead of dedicated…
    They wont sell a 32 core with 24 cores disabled, wtf; false advertising…

  6. Well. Dedicated Servers buying in this way is totally bad. If you want cheap dedicated hosting, then go to websites like Leaseweb or OVH. Don't use normal providers like Bluehost,Hostgator. Etc.
    Also, please be careful. FastComet uses Linode which is fully virtualized. They advertise as a Dedicated server but is Emulated. So be careful when choosing those kind of servers.

    I have good knowledge in servers, but my english is not good.
    This very small and unknown company, has very good deal. It is managed and even has cPanel Licence included.
    Raid is simple. RAID 0 means basically compiling two different drives into one. Can be more than 0. and also increases perfomance, If one Drive fails, then all data is gone.

    RAID-1 is basically redundancy because it replicates data to other drives.
    Most of the companies which say Un Metered bandwidth usually have 1Gbps port which is shared among other servers. Basically, if you're lucky and in a good day, you can use all 1Gbps.
    What not has been mentioned properly is what company gives Managed/UnManaged or cPanel included. That is a super huge factor. FastComet gives fully managed with Root access which is hard to find usually. But again, fastcomet uses virtualization even for their Dedicated servers. It's just the core/cpu are fully dedicated to you and not used by anyone.
    For hostwinds, you said who are "fluid" with dedicated servers? but right there it is written that "fully managed"

    Fully managed is usually when the support takes care of all you're apps and makes sure they are running the way they are suppose to, and it means you can ask them questions and probably get priority support because Dedicated servers are top of the line.

  7. There really is not much difference in between ddr 3 and ddr4 in most of the cases. DDR3 in general have much less cas timings which kind of provides the same speed. I'd be way more concerned about uptime and reliability of these companies rather then the hardware specs.

  8. Hey DW! Unrelated to hosting – Does the new Divi 2020/4.0 theme builder offer a way not need the DIVI BARS plugin and still add this sort of CTA bar/banner feature to Divi? Want to customize the secondary menu bar. Thanks!

  9. Does the amazing SiteGround nor have dedicated hosting? Since they are a WordPress hosting specialist I guess that would make sense they don’t have dedicated I suppose. I’ve been w GoDaddy 20+ years but finally got an unlimited SG pro package and wow insane all they include (free SSLs and endless emails and fast amazing support). Just bringing some of my smaller clients over for now but loving it 100 already

  10. Hi Darrel, I watch every video you publish. It is my first time I am asking for really important help. Please reply ASAP. I have a website with this stat. Pageviews today


    Pageviews yesterday


    Pageviews last month


    Please recommend best-dedicated server for such high traffic,

  11. For someone who claims to know whole lot of about dedicated server, this was surprisingly bad. Sorry Darrel!

    * "Mirrored" storage, is a raid based way of handling disks. Mirrored disks are RAID1.

    * Using a dedicated server requires a LOT more than just regular skills for having a WordPress site. It requires Linux admin skills, for the majority of WordPress site owners, having a dedicated site is a big no-no since they have to do all the server admin tasks themselves.

    * "Managed hosting" is that the supplier does part of sysadmin tasks that is otherwise on the one who rented the dedicated server. It has NOTHING to do with support.

    * Dual CPUs are good if you e.g. are using heavy database usage that requires multiple CPUs and many cores.

    * "From 15TB bandwith" means just that. That's at least 15 TB bandwidth without any other costs, far better than your suggested Liquid Web hosting.

    * You object to using DDR3 RAM technology. You can't just say that. A server is a complex configuration of CPU, disks, buses and RAM. A slow CPU like the ones you suggest, will do very well with DD3 RAM sticks, which thereby will be cheaper hosting. Having DDR4 on those CPUs are nothing else than just a total waste of resources. An overkill that is never used. So you can't call DDR3 "crap".

    * When you look at CPUs, you can't just look at the "speed" as you call it. It's a matter of number of cores and cache sizes too.

    * This is obviously a post where you are looking for affiliate revenue. Liquid Web is ridiculously expensive for what they offer.

    The best dedicated servers are supplied by the German hosting company Hetzner. For most plans you will have UNLIMITED bandwidth. Using their AX series, you will get SSD disks and you can even rent NVMe disks which is even faster than regular SSDs. Hetzner dedicated hosting totally rocks. They are also directly connected to the fastest backbones. They offer phone support too.

    For VPS I would recommend Contabo, which is another German provider. Their VPSs make use of the KVM virtualization which means that each VPS have their own dedicated resources. Contabo VPS totally rocks. They offer phone support too.
    (they do offer dedicated hosting too, but these are as old as your Liquid Web junk hosting)

    For the hosting panels I would recommend to install a LAMP server with the panel ISP config 3 which is totally free. For the average non-sysadmin user, then I can recommend the automatic installation script for ISP config 3.


    I totally agree about Hostgator. They suck so much after they were sold. The same applies for which is another supplier of dedicated hosting. Since they were sold to GoDaddy, they suck so much.

  12. Thx for the Video, "Mirrored storeage " mean thats a Raid partition. So you hav always a second ,or more, harddrives with your Data on it.

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