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  1. For anyone trying to do this, i had followed these exact steps and it worked perfect. I moved out, got the same internet at a new location and could not get it to work. Testing everything my ports were opened and forwarded. Finally after a last ditch effort, i joined in LAN. As i was able to put up the server. And then my friend were finally able to join under my sessions in the online tab. The server must wait to go live until the host is in there. Hope this can help someone else too

  2. why the fck do we have a mikrotik router at home? its pretty impossible to port forward on that damn thing for someone with no experience with this kind of thing

  3. I know this is question for idiots but i´am idiot… Does the server uses internet connection? I´am living with parents, brother and sister and i don´t want it to use the internet connection.

    (please respond)

  4. We're struggling to get this running. The port forwarding isn't working because we're just three highly qualified network engineers with 65 years of experience between us.

  5. can anyone tell me why others can join, but i (admin) get the error 'Can’t load any information: server did not respond in given time.'? Im so stuck, ive looked everywhere i can, and no answers!

  6. someone has to do this for the usa ISPs because its worded and structured completely differently. the port forwarding should be so simple but every single video has a different router config and none are similar to my ISP

  7. Nice vid, but it's not what the title says. This is a tutorial for running a server on your games rig. A dedicated server setup would start with Steamcmd, installing the requirements via cmd then pick up where this vid starts

  8. for anyone that can see there game online but cant join or choose a car. first off dont use the ports he is using they are old, open up ACSM and write the ports down like he said. For the Http port do not choose http. just put the port number in and select tcp/udp like the first one and it should fix that problem. my port numbers that i had to open were 9600 tcp/udp Http is now 8081but do not select the HTTP menu. just open port is and select all like the first one. hope this helps

  9. i did everything shown and i can see the server i hosted in the server browser but whenever i try to join it says cant join server car selected is not available and it says it cant reach the server i cant find any sort of answer anywhere on the web ive tried everything.

  10. how do you actually start the race. me and my friend trying to 1v1 but it starts us at a pitstop. mind u i disabled practise on the server manager

  11. I have created my lobby but when the red lights of the race go off, i cycle back to practice again (i race alone to check my server). Anyone knows why this is happening?

  12. yeah fuk this game…. we wanted to play with my mates on the wheel.. but its been 2 hours and i see my server… in lan and online… i can join my lan and select a car but the online game cant select a car so i cant join

  13. Cannot log into the server (RANDOM) is marked as my name (as IP: (RANDOM) -> (RANDOM)):
    VERSION 202
    REQUESTED CAR: ds_350z_2jz*
    Looking for available slot by name for GUID 76561198239770198 ds_350z_2jz
    Slot found by name at index 12
    Tyre blankets: true
    Sending SESSION ID : 12
    Sending type 1
    Sending ID : 0
    Sending type 1
    Sending 1 checksum requests
    SERVER TIME: 398787
    PAGE: /JSON|76561198194370141
    Serve JSON took 2 ms
    TCP packet 63
    Dispatching TCP message to ds_350z_2jz (12) [(RANDOM) []]
    Sending car list from index:0
    TCP packet 63
    Dispatching TCP message to ds_350z_2jz (12) [(RANDOM []]
    Sending car list from index:10
    PAGE: /JSON|76561198438294111
    Serve JSON took 1 ms
    read tcp (RANDOM)->(RANDOM): wsarecv: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.
    Connection is now closed for kuldarrainer []
    TCP connection ds_350z_2jz (12) [(RANDOM) []] terminated
    PAGE: /JSON|76561198239770198
    Serve JSON took 33 ms

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