Asian PUBG Servers Are INSANE!

Asian PUBG Servers Are INSANE!

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36 thoughts on “Asian PUBG Servers Are INSANE!

  1. most of them using hacks. mostly china. if u doubt being killed in the server please spactate and report so pubg can take action. Mostly of my report getting banned for life.

  2. Hey,I am your Chinese fans,you are really famous in Chinese PUBG circle ,maybe behind to ibiza? ibiza is the most popular forein pro-player that every Chinese PUBG players knows him.haha~Your Chinese teammates in the game is very friendly and said you play well all the time. I wish you can come to China oneday,China is a beautiful country and It has developed very well in recent years.
    Welcome to travel!
    I wish you can win the Championship!

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