ActiveState Platform Demo: How to build a custom Perl environment

The ActiveState Platform provides a number of pre-built Perl distributions that you can download and use, or else fork and modify for your own purposes.

We originally created the ActiveState Platform to help us automate the building of our ActivePerl, Python & Tcl distributions. However, we’ve made it easy for you to build your own runtime environments from source!

Choose your language, your language version, your OS, and let the ActiveState platform automatically add & resolve dependencies as you add more packages to support your project. Packages on the platform are updated every 48 hours from CPAN so that you’re always ahead of the game!

Build with better security & code provenance in an easier way using the ActiveState Platform today.

Create your account and get started for free:
Use the ActiveState Platform in a team:

Check out some of our Perl runtimes here:

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