The next installment in our “A DAY in the LIFE” series follows our two Service Delivery Manager’s, Ash & James, as they show us how to rack servers and switches into one of our data centre racks – correctly!

We want to continue taking you inside the data centre, showing you what goes on and what our clients expect in our Tier 4 facility in Kent, which to this date has had no power outages.

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22 thoughts on “A DAY in the LIFE of the DATA CENTRE | RACKING SERVERS with ASH & JAMES!

  1. Servers are way too loud by their fans cooling, by that it is not worth anything. I know a method, which would take more space, but would be complete quietly, less electricity consumption (=less heat -> less cooling)! I would sell that new method for 1 billion / milliard €.

    It is quite possible that e.g. Nvidia have derived "their" idea of their new cooling design for their new 3000 graphics cards from my offer / idea!

    Read through my YouTube-Channel's "Discussion"-Tab, viewable via a browser like Chrome, Firefox-Mozilla, etc. at best via PC.
    Click on "Sort by Newest first", scroll down to the bottom via "Page-Down" keyboard-button.
    For the first time in your short life, you are learning a large part of the truth!

    More importantly and the most important 4sure right here:
    Check that out, sort by "Newest first":
    Attention! It looks like the YouTube-App doesn't show the right tab, open the link with a browser like Chrome!

  2. I did a cable schedule once in a small data centre. Had to trace every Lan cable from end to end from 12 rack cabinets, label each end of the cables and record it all onto a spreadsheet. Took me about six weeks.

  3. Great job on the video guys. I'm sure it would greatly help some inexperienced tech.
    However, worth to note that before tidying-up your cabling with velcro, one must be sure there is enough slack to be able to pull the server and do maintenance.
    As an exemple, the server in U21 would lose power feed A were you to pull it out! That's a major no-no.
    Again, nice video nonetheless, thanks for sharing it

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    If you are interested in working within Data Centers and need to get your foot in the door within Eastern Oregon or Eastern Washington send me a message or comment on this post!

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