9 Best Video Hosting Sites

Video has grown into one of the leading marketing and education tools of the last few years—in this video, we’re going to help you find the best video hosting site for you! 🎥

What is Video Hosting?
Provides a place for you to store, play back, and edit your video on the internet.

1️⃣ YouTube | 0:38
2️⃣ Swarmify | 1:23
3️⃣ Wistia | 2:16
4️⃣ Vimeo |2:53
5️⃣ SproutVideo | 3:35
6️⃣ Brightcove | 4:15
7️⃣ Dailymotion | 4:45
8️⃣ Cincopa | 5:15
9️⃣ VdoCipher | 5:56

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19 thoughts on “9 Best Video Hosting Sites

  1. Most of these platforms have a bunch of SJWs and far left activists behind the scenes who do not support free speech. That’s the problem with all of these alternatives. Until these people are fired from all of these companies, all of these platforms will just be full of content that sits in a far-left echo chamber.

  2. Hey guys, stupid suggestion, you had publitio on your marketplace twice, and they were specifically for video hosting. Their value prop is multiple formats that are automatically created after uploading your video, essentially repurposing your media

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