7 OP Gold Farms for HIGH POP Servers that WORK in TBC Classic

Classic WoW / Classic TBC Burning Crusade: 7 OP Gold Farms for HIGH POP Servers that WORK in TBC Classic

Farming gold in Classic TBC is more than just grinding in the outside world for endless hours competing with tens of other people, when you start digging a bit, you’ll find a lot of very amazing methods to make you a lot of gold, from professions to paladin dungeon farming to questing, join me as I talk about my favorite realistic gold farming methods in Classic TBC !

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21 thoughts on “7 OP Gold Farms for HIGH POP Servers that WORK in TBC Classic

  1. Fuck it I'm leveling a paladin lol. I want to farm in peace inside an Instance instead of competing for ressources on my PvP server, it's going to be a shitshow.

  2. I struggled so damn hard at making gold with only having a priest and shaman through out classic. Im definitely leveling a prot pally for gold…and I hate to say it but also taking advantage of the character boost for a druid…well let blizzard take advantage of me that is haha. Ha…🥲🥲

  3. IMO there will be a lot more tanks in TBC than we had in classic. What % of existing healadins are actually staying holy, 15%? 20%? I think we’ll see more ferals, protadins, and still a decent amount of warrior tanks. Part of what could cause a shortage for PUGs would be that most good tanks only roll with their buddies so they don’t waste their time 👍🏻

  4. In regards to Engineering clouds, do they despawn after a single use? I'm just confused how this is a better method than to farm mobs simply because if they act like a mining/herbalism node, they are going to be just as contested as everything else. Unless you are simply under the assumption that not many people will go engineering, so scarcity won't be as big of an issue.

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