5 Javascript Projects to Build (For Beginners)

If you have been learning Javascript from a book or tutorial and haven’t built your first project yet then this video is for you. In this video I lay out 5 projects that you can start working on to refine your problem solving skills and build confidence in creating more difficult projects in the future.

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49 thoughts on “5 Javascript Projects to Build (For Beginners)

  1. I love this video as a beginner. It's a really good place to get started with polishing the fundamentals little by little and since they are all related to some extent it also helps subconsciously revise what we already know. Thanks for this!

  2. Yayyy…I was finding something like this who can guide me which things focus on ,while learning JS and which projects can be useful for me,Subscribed your channel and I really hope that we can connect if anytime I need a mentor Guidance,I will be thankful if you will reply to my queries.

  3. Wow.. this is a new concept of "Project for Beginners".. because, for whom is starting recently in JS, this is actually very challenging… which is good, and I think is the right way of learning.

  4. A question that never seems to be answered for me is a very obvious one. WHERE do i build??? WHERE is this page that I type code into and see it appearing on another page as a project??????

  5. This is perfect all of these are at the right difficulty level where its hard enough that I'll learn something but easy enough that I can see the steps to take to get through it.

  6. Im new at programming, and my first project was to build a number guessing game where a 4 digit number is generated randomly and your task is to guess it, the app tells you how many digits you have guessed correctly and how many of them are in the right place example ( random number is "5900" your guess is "3591" then you would get a massage saying 2 correct 0 in the right place) it was bit of a challenge for a begginer not gonna lie but i managed to make it
    Here is the link to my project, if you are reading this and you check out my code i would like to hear your advice and tips for improving


    Also i want to add a feature for easy, medium and hard mode but i havent got the time to make that

  7. I'm just at the cusp of changing my major to software dev… searching and stumbling to find your channel has been wonderful, your content is easily conveyed in a kind and humble manner. Thank you and keep up the great work!🙏🏼😊

  8. i lost my job of 5 years last february. didn't want to go back to that industry so i'm taking up coding. this is the first of your video that i watched and it already gave me confidence. thank you, sir. i've subscribed and will watch more. cheers to 2021

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