16.15: Promise.all() – Topics of JavaScript/ES6

In this video, I discuss handling arrays of asynchronous JavaScript promises with Promise.all() .

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20 thoughts on “16.15: Promise.all() – Topics of JavaScript/ES6

  1. I've decided to really understand async JS, instead of just doing api calls without fully knowing what's going on and your videos helped a lot. they're fantastic.

  2. keep doing great work sir, this is the first time I watch your video and I am impressed with your enthusiasm and passion thank you you have my support

  3. Anyone can tell me the difference between doing the promise all like he did VS
    let data = await someRandomFunctionThatDelayIsRandom()
    return data

    Thank u very much

  4. They're returned in the same exact order as they were set in the array, that's the main takeaway for u if ur in a hurry or on an urgent product bug fix, like i was 😀 finely explained !

  5. Damn i just saw his async await in recommendations list. This guy says "in my previous video" .
    Me: ok let me check first of the series
    I just forgot I'm here to gain knowledge and watched as if its a movie.

    Believe it or not I'm into JS and react since 2 years. Never got this stuff stuck in my head as better as this.
    I'm just grateful to u. Thanks a ton

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